Intrusion Detection Access Control, CCTV (Atex), SystemEnvironmental Monitoring System (WU-SNap), Hot Telephone Lines, Paging & Alarm System, HVAC System, Mobile Trunk Radio System

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Data, Voice and Video Infrastructure

Sistemi di cablaggio strutturato, Local and Wide Area Network, Sistemi di rete in fibra ottica, Unified Communication, Vsat Systems, PABX, Voice and Data Network, Mobile Trunked Radio System, Attrezzature radio per la Marina e l'Aereonautica, Sistemi meteorologici, Clock System


Safety and Security

Recinzione e perimetrale, Controllo, Intrusion Detection, Controllo accessi, Tracking System, Pa/Ga - PAGE Party, Sistemi di allarme, Hot Telephone Lines, Televisioni a circuito chiuso, Firewall, Back-Up and Internet Security,



CAT TV Satellite System, TV Video e diffusione audio, Distribuzione multimediale, Recreation Rooms Equipment, Auditorium and Theatre Equipment, Palestra

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